To advance and enhance HP training and competitive opportunities for the next generation athletes (14U, 16U and 18U male and female water polo athletes) across the USA.


To provide an International Training and Competition opportunity for male and female water polo athletes that have been identified in the High Performance process of USA Water Polo ODP and the National Pipeline Teams.

Attila Polyák/We Love Budapest
Photo: Attila Polyák/We Love Budapest


The Futures program was created in cooperation with Water Polo USA to give an opportunity for the select water polo athletes to grow and develop in an international competitive environment before the start of the next USA Water Polo ODP season. The selected athletes will have shown great potential during the USA Water Polo ODP ranking, however did not qualify for the 21-40 travel roster for their respective pipeline teams. We want these athletes to continue their sport growth and development and to acquire international competition and experience.



  • Male and female water polo athletes born in 2002 and 2003 in Budapest. Male and female water polo athletes born in 2004 in Barcelona.

  • Athletes ranked #21-40 during USA Water Polo selection camp and based on the USA Water Polo selection criteria

August 1-12, 2019

August 1 – Arrival to New York

August 1-3 – Training in Greenwich

August 3 – Departure for Europe

August 4-8 – Scrimmage with local teams

August 9-11 – International Tournament

August 12 – Return

(More details to come. The above dates and schedule are subject to change.)

Package includes:

  • Round trip flight from NYC to Budapest, Hungary or Barcelona, Spain

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Transfers

  • Coaching

  • Pool Time/Scrimmage/Tournament

  • USWP Uniforms

    $3,800 USD per athlete.

    (Details and pricing subject to change.)

Coaching staff will be selected from a pool of US coaches who are in the USWP coaching pipeline and part of the ODP program